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Present Perfect Board Game.

A4 Size
Students talk about their lives and experiences. Good for pre-intermediate level students learning the present perfect or for more advanced students wishing to revise it.

Snakes and Ladders master version.

A4 Size
This is a master copy version of the game used in some of the activities in the board games section. With a marker pen, draw about three snakes and three ladders over the grid. If the student lands on a square with the head of the snake on, they "slide" down to its tail - if the student lands on a square with the bottom of the ladder on, they "climb" to the top of the ladder. So don't put too many of either snakes or ladders on the board and don't make the jumps too big in either direction.

Present Perfect Snakes and Ladders.

A4 Size
Students have to spot the mistakes in the present perfect sentences and avoid the snakes if possible. If they fail to see a mistake, you can set a penalty of, for example, going back 3 or 4 squares. You will need to draw your own snakes and ladders onto this board.

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Snakes and Ladders: Quantifiers.

A4 Size
Students try to make their way across the board deciding if sentences are correct or not. Quantifiers are tested here, such as 'few', 'many', 'a little', 'some', etc, etc. You will need to draw your own snakes and ladders onto this board.

So...Because... Board Game.

A4 Size
Students have to provide endings for if/unless/as soon as/when sentences as they move around the board.

General Conversation Board Game.

A4 Size
Slightly shorter version of the normal board games on esl-lounge. Good for any class of Pre-Intermediate level and above.

Short "In Case" Board Game.

A4 Size
Suitable for Intermediate level students and above. Students complete sentences which all begin with "in case". Premium

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