Board Games >> Board Games Materials/Accompanying Cards >> Here are three sets of cards that can be used for the symbol board game above. This is one example of what can be done for structures with the word "like" in.

"Like" Board Game

To be used in conjunction with the empty board game template available here.

The first column are all questions using "like" as a verb. The second column uses "to be like" to ask general information about something or someone. The third column uses "look like" to talk about physical appearance and resemblance. Cut up and divide into three piles.


What does your father like to do on Saturdays?
What is your mother like?
What does your sister look like?

what do you like eating for breakfast? what is your home town like? what does your brother/sister look like?
do you like American sports? what is the climate in your country like? what does your English teacher look like?
does your father like pizza? what is your best friend like? what does your house look like?
would you like to live in Australia? what is the leader of your country like? who do you look like?
did you like going to your first school? what are you like early in the mornings? Is there someone in the class who looks like a famous person?
did you like vegetables when you were young? what is the television in your country like? what does the centre of your town look like?
what don't you like about Christmas? what were you like as a child? In your family, who looks like you the most?
do you like fish or meat more? what is your girlfriend/boyfriend like? what does the leader of your country look like? Premium

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