Board Games >> Board Games Materials/Accompanying Cards >> Here are three sets of cards that can be used for the symbol board game above. This is one example of what can be done for conditionals.

Conditionals Board Game

To be used in conjunction with the empty board game template available here.

The first column are all zero conditionals, the second column first conditionals and the third column are all second conditionals. Cut up and divide into three piles.


What do you do if you have a headache?
What would you do if you won the lottery?

if you have a headache if you have a headache tomorrow if you could buy any car in the world
if you can't sleep if it rains this weekend if you could meet any person in the world
if you heat ice if you are invited to the cinema tonight if you saw an ex-partner in the street
if you drop an egg if you don't understand this lesson if you had the chance to play any sport for your national team
if you get a cold if there is a karaoke evening at the school if you spoke English better than your teacher
if you want to sneeze at the cinema if you see your teacher in town tomorrow if you were the leader of your country
if you don't want to eat something at a formal dinner if lessons are cancelled next week if you found the winning lottery ticket on the bus
if you oversleep if you oversleep tomorrow if you could become a teacher for any subject
if you can't remember someone's name when you are talking to him/her if you are asked to organise a party this Saturday if you could play any musical instrument in the world
if someone forgets your birthday if your teacher is sleeping now! if you forgot your mother's/father's birthday
if you call the wrong number on the phone if there is a stray dog outside your house/apartment tonight if you had the chance to appear on a TV chat show Premium

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