Grammar Exercise: Handsome Rick


Read the text about Handsome Rick and think about the questions you need to ask for the missing information. Choose the best question for each one.

Rick is _______(1) years old and lives in Manchester. He is a ______ (2) for a company that makes cardboard boxes and he earns _________ (3)a year. He lives with his girlfriend Sharon in a beautiful cottage in _________(4). They bought it because it has a big garden with a swimming pool. Rick drives a _________(5) and Sharon drives a red Jeep.

Rick is very handsome and all the girls like him. Sometimes when he goes to disco bars he dances with lots of different girls and they buy drinks for him. He always drinks _________(6) Sharon doesn't like this!!

Rick plays a lot of sport. His favourite sport in winter is rugby and he plays for a team called ________(7). In summer he plays cricket for a team called _________(8). He doesn't like volleyball or fishing. Last year he went to Spain to play in a tennis competition but he didn't win. All the girls in Spain thought he was very handsome and bought drinks for him. Sharon didn't like this!!!!

Last week Rick went to _______(9) on vacation but Sharon didn't go because she was ill. He visited ________(10) in New York and then flew to Washington to see the White House. In Washington he met _________(11). She thought he was very handsome and bought him a Bacardi with Coca Cola. Sharon didn't like this!!!!!!!

1. How old he is?

    How old is he?

2. What is the job?

    What is he do?

    What does he do?

3. How much does he earn a year?

    How many money does he earn a year?

4. Where they live?

    Where do they live?

    Where does they live?

5. What car does he drive?

    What car drives he?

    What car type does he drive?

6. What does usually he drink?

    What does he drinks usually?

    What does he usually drink?

7. What's the name of his rugby team?

    What name has his rugby team?

8. What name does his cricket team has?

    What name does his cricket team have?

    What name have his cricket team?

9. Where did he went last week?

    Where did he go last week?

    Where he went last week?

10. Where he visited in New York?

    Where did he visit in New York?

11. Who he met in Washington?

    Who did he met in Washington?

    Who did he meet in Washington?

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