Grammar Exercise: Prepositions of Time.


For each question, write in the box either 'in', 'at', 'on' or "X" if there is no preposition is needed.

1. I'll see you next week.

2. He was born 1991.

3. Did you see her today.

4. It starts tomorrow.

5. It was sunny my birthday.

6. It will be ready eight months.

7. What's on the TV midnight.

8. The factory closed June.

9. the winter, it usually snows.

10. Friday, she spoke to me.

11. What are you doing the weekend.

12. I'll see you a moment.

13. The anniversary is May 10th.

14. Where did you go last summer.

15. The movie starts 20 minutes.

16. the moment, I'm busy.

17. They were very popular the 1980s.

18. My appointment is Thursday morning.

19. We had the meeting last week.

20. Are you staying at home Christmas Day.

21. I have to speak to the boss lunchtime.

22. 8 o'clock, I must leave.

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