Grammar Exercise: Like/Is Like/Would Like Worksheet.


For each question, choose the best possible response.

1. What do you like doing on Saturdays?

    going to the cinema
    walk in the countryside

2. What is your teacher like?

    football and discos
    very nice and friendly
    very well. And you?

3. Good evening Sir. What would you like to eat?

    I would like a large steak please.
    I like eating all Italian food.
    No, I don't. Thank you.

4. What would you like to do tonight, Ben?

    I usually go to the pub with my girlfriend.
    No, I wouldn't.

5. What does your mother like about this programme?

    She doesn't like it.
    Yes, she does.
    No, she wouldn't.

6. What is the weather like today?

    Hot and sunny.
    Yes, I do. I like hot weather.
    No, I don't. I prefer cold weather.

7. What is your town like in the summer?

    Yes. Many tourists like to visit my city.
    I like the monuments and the parks.
    Very crowded with tourists.

8. What do you like on TV?

    Nothing at all. We can go to the pub?
    Most things. Especially films and documentaries.
    Yes, I do.

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