Grammar Exercise: Tom's Terrible Weekend - Preposition Gap Fill


Fill in the spaces in this description of Tom's weekend. All the missing words are prepositions. Sometimes, there is no preposition required - just put a 'X' in the space.

1. This weekend was a disaster Tom.

2. On Saturday, he met a friend in the city centre to have a coffee.

3. Tom ordered an espresso and his friend asked a cappuccino.

4. They talked what they wanted to do on Saturday evening

5. Tom said his friend that he wanted to go out.

6. He wanted to go to a new disco called the Pink Flamingo and Tom's friend Phil agreed him.

7. Phil told Tom that he would call two girls he knew to invite them too, paid for the coffees and they left the bar together.

8. So, 9pm Tom went to the disco and waited.

9. After half an hour, he was worried his friends.

10. Lots of people arrived the new disco - but not his friend Phil or the girls he knew. So Tom took out his mobile phone and wrote a message to Phil.

11. "Where are you? I am waiting you!"

12. "I am in front the disco." he wrote.

13. After two minutes, Phil replied to Tom: "We are opposite the disco, but we can't see you."

14. Tom wrote back: "OK, we will find each other a few minutes. Do you think the disco looks nice?"

15. "Yes," replied Phil, "but isn't 'The Pink Peacock' a strange name a disco."

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