Grammar Exercise: John Carpenter


Read this short text and then write questions to get the missing information.

John Carpenter is a _________(1) who lives in the centre of London. His address is ________(2) and his telephone number is 090-445-2324. John is _______(3) years old and he started working as a musician when he was 17 years old.

John's day begins when he gets up very late at _________(4) and then he reads the newspapers in the kitchen while he eats _________ (5) for breakfast. For the rest of the day, John either writes music or writes books. At the moment, John is _________(6), "That's my Turkey", and he is also writing his autobiography which will be called 'Just a Piano Man.'

He is married to the famous _________(7) Fiona Appleby and they have four daughters. Fiona doesn't live in London though because ___________(8) so she lives with their daughters in the north of Wales where her parents live.

John told the press last week that he wanted to stop touring with his band because ___________(9). His last tour was six months ago when he and his band, the Rancheros, were in ___________(10). While they were touring there, someone stole all their money from the hotel. And, worse, while they were in the police station reporting this, someone stole ________(11) from the concert hall!

John started in the famous group The Bubbles in 1974 and they had _______(12) hit records both in the UK and in the US. The Bubbles stayed together for only three years and John started the Rancheros in 1990 after __________(13) suggested the idea. At the moment his mother is helping the group with their Christmas record. His greatest fan is _______(14)! The Rancheros' biggest ever hit was at Christmas, 1991 with the ballad that John personally wrote, 'My mother, my life.'

1. What is his work?
    What does he does?
    What is his job?

2. Where is his address?
    What is his address?
    Where he lives?

3. How many years is he?
    How he is old?
    How old is he?

4. What time he gets up?
    What time does he get up?
    When he gets up?

5. What does he have for breakfast?
    What has he has for breakfast?
    What he eats for breakfast?

6. What does he doing at the moment?
    What does he do at the moment?
    What is he doing at the moment?

7. What is her work?
    What is her job?
    What work she does?

8. Why not she lives in London?
    Why she not live in London?
    Why doesn't she live in London?

9. Why does he want to stop touring?
    Why he wants to stop touring?

10. Where place were the Rancheros on the last tour?
    Where were the Rancheros on the last tour?
    Which place were the Rancheros on the last tour?

11. What stole someone from the concert hall?
    What did stolen from the concert hall?
    What did someone steal from the concert hall?

12. How much hit records did The Bubbles have?
    How many hit records did The Bubbles have?
    How many hit records did have The Bubbles?

13. Who suggested the idea of starting the Rancheros?
    Who did suggest the idea of starting the Rancheros?

14. Who his greatest fan is?
    Who is his greatest fan?
    Who do his greatest fan be?

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