Lesson Plan Levels

Here is a brief description of what you will find at each level on the Premium site.


These lesson plans are intended for students in their first six months of English studies. The early grammar lessons can be used with absolute beginners.


Once students have about six months of English under their belts, they can move onto Elementary.


Big grammar areas introduced to students at Pre-Intermediate: modals, Present Perfect, conditionals and more.


More complex conditionals and modals, reported speech, past perfect, etc.


Includes high level grammar such as complex conditionals & modals, the causative and a special Short Stories section to give practice of advanced reading.

Young Learners

A collection of lesson plans prepared specifically to teach young learners, with an emphasis of sense-based teaching.


Hundreds of flashcards that can be used to illustrate, for example, different tenses, verbs, adjectives, prepositions and a whole host of grammatical points. Basic vocabulary flashcards included too.

Business English

If you are teaching Business English students, we have three levels of Business lesson plans.

Board Games

A great way to teach many language points in an enjoyable, relaxing atmosphere is by using board games. Here, you'll find both complete board games and also empty board game templates.

Other Materials

Spanish Lesson Plans

The Spanish lesson plans we have here can be accessed only by signing up to our Spanish Membership.

This is a membership that will give full access to all the Spanish lesson plans on the Premium site. For now, there are fewer than we offer on the main English site and for this reason, the membership price is also far cheaper, beginning at only $20 a year, a full 65% cheaper than the English memberships.

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