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Since the Premium site opened in 2005, we have received several requests to provide the lesson plans in other languages, particularly Spanish. We are happy to now be able to fulfil this wish.

The Spanish lesson plans we have here can be accessed only by signing up to our Spanish Membership.

This is a membership that will give full access to all the Spanish lesson plans on the Premium site. For now, there are fewer than we offer on the main English site and for this reason, the membership price is also far cheaper, beginning at only $20 a year, a full 65% cheaper than the English memberships.

You can find samples of a couple of our Spanish lesson plans below and also information about our search for more translators who can help us with making available more of the lesson plans from the English side.

Before deciding to sign up to the Spanish Membership, please look over the lesson plans we have available with great care. These are the sections that are currently available:

Please click on each to view the selection of lesson plans that we have.

Our intention is to increase the number of lesson plans available as we go forward.

Samples / Muestras Gratis

As you can see from our samples below, these lesson plans have been prepared with the same care and attention that goes into all our English lesson plans.

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Buscando Al Perro

Objetivo: Vocabulario: animales, mascotas. Uso de verbos "tener" y "gustar".
Nivel: Estudiantes Jóvenes
Duración: 45 minutos.
Código de la lección: YL4
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Huracán Herbert

Objetivo: Vocabulario sobre el clima, verbos de obligación y permiso.
Nivel: Intermedio
Duración: 70 minutos.
Código de la lección: 3G13

Translations & New Lessons

We have every intention of continuing to translate the lesson plans that we have here and making more of them available for those who sign up for the Spanish Membership. We would also like to create new Spanish lessons from scratch.

If you are a Spanish speaking teacher and would like to join us on this project, please contact us and we can send you details. This would be a paid role.

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