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We reserve the right to suspend the account of any member who is found to have infringed our copyright or Intellectual Property rights. If materials are found to have been uploaded to publically accessible websites, this is non-negotiable. takes copyright infringement very seriously and will not hesitate to protect our materials. Should versions of Premium lesson plans be found on other websites, we reserve the right to take legal action against the person who has infringed our intellectual property rights. This may include but not be limited to using the courts to retrieve damages, using DMCA notices to close websites hosting copyrighted materials and contacting educational institutions and/or workplaces in an attempt to trace further copyright infringements.

Refunds Policy

As a download-based service, we cannot offer full refunds unless we are immediately made aware of a mistaken order (within an hour or two of the order being made). In any case, if any downloads have been made, no refunds can be offered. In all other circumstances, a refund down to the cheapest membership will be offered.

If you wish your Bronze Membership not to renew, please get in touch with us before its renewal date and we will cancel it for you. Once again, we cannot offer after-the-event refunds.

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