First Words: Beginner English Vocabulary

Materials to help teachers with Beginner level students. Included here are audio files, photos and PDF worksheets to help students with their first 250 words. These are not full lesson plans, but rather audio-visual aids for teaching low level vocabulary.



All audio files include both American and British English using professional voice-over artists. The PDF worksheets also allow for British/American spelling and word choice differences.

Each package (choose from US or UK variety) contains:

  1. mp3 file with all eight words
  2. 8 mp3 files with each individual word
  3. 8 photos showing the eight words visually
  4. PDF file containing mix of flashcards and basic exercises
  5. Word file containing same flashcards & exercises

The Word/PDF files can be adapted to your own classroom use. They are basically a couple of worksheet examples of the type of thing you might like to do with the audio-visual materials.

Each package is in .zip format and will need an Unzip application to open. Most PC/Mac computers come with their own software to unzip something.

First Word Materials



Words: fat, old, pretty, ugly, heavy, new, long, strong


Words: dog, cat, rabbit, birds, horse, sheep, pig, tortoise, lion, elephant, giraffe, duck, crocodile, snake, frog, mouse, gorilla, cow, fish, goat, kangaroo, penguin, seal, whale (audio/worksheets, etc divided into 3 groups of 8.)

Around Town

Words: house, church, museum, bridge, park, street, school, store/shop

The Body

Words: mouth, hands, arm, foot, ear, legs, eye, nose


Words: shirt, pants/trousers, blouse, skirt, shoes, sneakers/trainers, t-shirt, dress, boots, tie, belt, jeans, gloves, scarf, hat, socks (audio/worksheets, etc divided into 2 groups of 8.)


Words: red, yellow, blue, white, black, green, orange, brown

Common Verbs

Words: see, speak, eat, listen, play, sleep, work, write, drink, run, walk, read, cook, buy, call, wash (audio/worksheets, etc divided into 2 groups of 8.)


Words: Spain, Germany, Brazil, Japan, United States, France, United Kingdom, Mexico


Words: mother, father, son, daughter, sisters, brothers, grandfather, grandmother


Words: sugar, salt, milk, meat, ice-cream, cheese, egg, rice, coffee, bread, chicken, pizza, pasta, fish, soup, cereal (audio/worksheets, etc divided into 2 groups of 8.)


Words: apple, banana, pear, peach, grapes, pineapple, orange, cherries

In The House

Words: table, chair, window, bed, sofa, curtain, painting, door

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