Grammar Curriculum: Grammar Coverage Of Our Lesson Plans

ESL Lounge Premium has been online since 2005. We have never tried to impose any idea of "curriculum" onto our teachers, preferring to leave it to their experience and judgement as to when each lesson plan should be taught to a class. Beyond a very generic division by language level (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate), etc, we believe our teachers are best placed to make those decisions.

What we have done below, however, is to provide a list of lesson plans based on the grammar areas covered. The list of lesson plans below does not include most of the non-grammar lessons: reading, speaking, vocabulary lessons, etc. Using the lesson plan codes (e.g. 2G4) that you can find next to each lesson plan, you can see which areas of grammar are touched upon by each lesson.

Remember this is NOT an exhaustive list of the lesson plans on the Premium site: there are many lesson plans that have no direct grammar focus and are therefore not included here.

Many teachers prefer to use our lesson plan tags instead, a more comprehensive cross-referencing of all the lesson plans here on the Premium site.

Lesson Plan Key

Example: 2G4

The first number refers to the level (0 - beginner, 1 - elementary, 2 - pre-intermediate, 3 - intermediate, 4 - advanced, B - business, YL - young learner).

The letter refers to the lesson plan type (G - grammar, L - listening, R - reading, S - speaking, RP - role play, V - vocabulary, T - topic)

So 2G4 will be found on the pre-intermediate Grammar page of lesson plans.

We have also color-coded the lesson plan numbers in the table below to make finding different levels easier:

New! Click on each lesson code to be taken to the page where it is located.

Grammar Coverage

To Be YL1, YL2, 0G1, 0G2, 0G3, 0S2, 0V4, B1W1
Present Simple YL4, YL5, YL6, YL9, YL11, YL12, YL13, YL14, YL16, 0G4, 0G5, 0G6, 0G7, 0G8, 0G8, 0G9, 0G10, OG11, OG12, 0V5, 0R2, 0R3, 0W2, 0S1, 1G1, 1G6, 1G9, 1L1, 1L3, 1L5, 1L11, 1L12, 1V4, 1V5, 1V6, 1R2, 1R3, 1R4, 1R5, 1R6, 1W4, 2G10, 2S3, 3G1, B1G2
Questions YL11, YL15, 0G3, 0G11, 0G12, 0V5, 0W2, 0S1, 0S2, 1G1, 1G6, 1G9, 1L1, 1L3, 1L5, 1L11, 1R3, 1S2, 1T1, 2L7, 2RP4, 2T2, 3G2, 3L5 3L7, B1G2, B1W1
Past Simple YL17, 1G2, 1G7, 1L6, 1V3, 1S1, 1T1, 2G13 (US), 2L5, 2L14, 2R2, B1G3
Present Continuous YL7, YL8, YL10, YL13, YL16, 1G6, 2G6
Past Continuous 2L15
Comparatives 1G4, 2L17, 2V2, 3G14, B1G1
Superlatives 1G3, 2L17, 3G1, 3G14
Adverbs YL9, 1L2, 2L7, B1G4
Adjectives YL7, 0G1, 0G2, 0G4, 0V4, 0R1, 0R4, 1G3, 1G4, 1L2, 1V2, 1V5, 2L8, 2V1, 2V4, 2R3, 3G8, 3V9, 3R2, 4W2, B1G4
Causative 4G2, 4L12
Collocation 1V4, 1V5, 1V6
Conditionals / Wish 1G5, 2G9, 2L6, 3G4, 3G7, 3G10, 3R3, 3T3, 4G4, 4G7, 4R3, B3G1
Imperative YL1, 1G8, 2L11
Nouns 1G10, 1L4, 1V1, 2L2, 3V8
Pronunciation 0G8, 0G9, 0G10, 0G11, 0R1, 0S2, 0V1, 1G7, 1G10, 1S1, 2L4, 2V5, B1W1
Reported Speech 3G2, 3G15, B2G2
Word Order / Sentence structure / Gerund & Infinitive 0R2, 1L2, 1R6, 1W3, 2G14, 2V1, 3R6, 3R8, 4G5, 4R5
Quantifiers 1L4, 2L2
Future Constructions YL15, YL16, 1L7, 2G6, 2S2, 3G1, 3G6, 4G3
There is/are YL2, 0G4, 0R4, 1R2, 1S2, 2S3
Conjunctions 1W2, 2G11, 3G9
Modal verbs YL3, 1T2, 2G1, 2G7, 2G8, 2L1, 2RP2, 3G12, 3G13, 3L9, 3L14, 4G1, 4G6, 4R6, B2G3, B2G4, B3G1
Present perfect 2G2, 2G3, 2G4, 2G5, 2G13 (UK), 2L3, 2R1, 3G5, 3L1, 3L8
Passive 2G10, 2G12, 3G3, 3R4, B2G1
Punctuation 0W2, 2W1
Used to 3G11, 3R5
Question tags 3L5
Prepositions YL3, YL11, 3W1, 3R6
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