Listening Lesson Plans: Elementary

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The World Of Movies

Description: Recorded message giving cinema information.
Language: Times of films being shown, plot outlines given using present simple.
Dialect: British English | Length: 1m 57s | Code: 1L1
Accompanying Worksheet: The World Of Movies
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A Musician's Day

Description: Rock star describes day's routine.
Language: Present simple to talk about daily routine of a famous musician.
Dialect: International English | Length: 2m 01s | Code: 1L2
Accompanying Worksheet: A Musician's Day
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The New Class

Description: A woman tells her male friend about her new Spanish class.
Language: Present Simple and present continuous. Description of people and places.
Dialect: North American & British English | Length: 2m 55s | Code: 1L3
Accompanying Worksheet: The New Class
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Making Apple Pie

Description: Two friends discuss what is needed to make an apple pie.
Language: Quantifiers - few, many, enough, a lot, etc.
Dialect: North American & British English | Length: 1m 59s | Code: 1L4
Accompanying Worksheet: Making Apple Pie
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Description: Woman carrying out survey about reading habits and book-buying habits. Male respondant.
Language: Present simple questions, some past simple.
Dialect: North American & British English | Length: 1m 49s | Code: 1L5
Accompanying Worksheet: Bookworms
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Leaving On A Jet Plane

Description: Two friends have a conversation during a flight to Los Angeles.
Language: Mainly present simple and past simple.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 2m 05s | Code: 1L6
Accompanying Worksheet: Leaving On A Jet Plane
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Coming To Town

Description: Two friends have a conversation about a family member coming to visit.
Language: Expressing the future.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 2m 09s | Code: 1L7
Accompanying Worksheet: Coming To Town
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At The Department Store

Description: Male customer assistant helping female customer with information about where to find things in a department store.
Language: Present and past simple, first conditional, basic modals.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 2m 17s | Code: 1L9
Accompanying Worksheet: At The Department Store
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Knowing Her Majesty

Description: Two friends talk about an assignment one of them has to write about Queen Elizabeth II.
Language: Present simple questions.
Dialect: Australian English | Length: 2m 41s | Code: 1L11
Accompanying Worksheet: Knowing Her Majesty
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A Friend Visits

Description: A friend sends a spoken pen-pal letter to a friend who is going to visit her, talking about her hometown and how to find her house.
Language: Giving directions, imperative.
Dialect: British English | Length: 3m 07s | Code: 1L15
Accompanying Worksheet: A Friend Visits

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