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Pre-Intermediate Grammar Review Board Game

Description: Useful review of the pre-intermediate level grammar: present simple/continuous, past simple/continuous, will and going to futures, present perfect, etc). Can also be useful revision for all levels above that.
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Past Tenses Board Game

Description: Getting students to talk about things that happened in the past. Good past practice for elementary and pre-intermediate students.
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Phrasal Verbs Board Game

Description: Students try and miss the snakes and hit the ladders as they answer questions on phrasal verbs. You will need to sketch a couple of snakes and ladders yourself over the main grid.

Dice Templates

These dice-shaped games can be cut out and formed into throwable dice very easily. This is just a sample of the types of games you can play with dice and you'll also find a blank template that you can adapt and adjust for your own teaching situation.

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