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General Conversation Board Game

Description: A board game you can use with any class of Pre-Intermediate level or above. Students move around the board asking or answering questions about general topics.
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"In Case" Board Game

Description: A short board game to give students practice at using "in case". On these shorter board game grids, it's a good idea not to use normal dice, but perhaps something like a coin: heads for two moves, tails for one.
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"For" or "Since" Board Game

Description: To practice present perfect. Students move around a board by saying sentences in response to prompts such as 'since I was young' or 'for six years'.
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Free Time Board Game

Description: Students talk about what they do in their free time as they move around a short board. A good time filler for last five to ten minutes of a quite low level class.
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Conversation Prompts Board Game

Description: A good board game for more advanced students, from about Intermediate level upwards. Each square contains a prompt to get those around the board talking. Controversial topics included.
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First Conditional/If/Unless Board Game

Description: Students provide endings for if/as soon as/unless/when sentences as they move around this short board. Remember, you can use coins instead of dice for these short board games, otherwise your students might get to the finish in a couple of throws!
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Elementary Level Speaking Practice Board Game

Description: This is a great board game that even your lowest level elementary students can practice their speaking with.

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