Young Learners Lesson Plans

Here, you will find a collection of lesson plans prepared specifically to teach young learners, with an emphasis of sense-based teaching, colors, repetition and short activities to ensure your young ESL learners stay interested - and learn!

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In My Schoolbag

Target Language: Classroom vocabulary, making requests, speaking about objects
Description: Students talk about everyday objects from their schoolbag and their colors. They then do some work on spelling before the lesson finishes with a speaking activity which practices functional language of giving and receiving.
Duration: 45 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: YL1
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In The Classroom

Target Language: Classroom vocabulary, there is/are, is it?
Description: Students talk about the objects in their own classroom and do some more work with colors and spelling. The grammar focus is on there is/are and "is it?"
Duration: 45 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: YL2
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On The Beach

Target Language: Prepositions of place, can/can't, how many.
Description: A fun beach-based lesson where students practice "I can see" and "how many" to describe a beach, then draw pictures from a description. A lot of practice given with prepositions of place.
Duration: 45 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: YL3
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Looking For The Dog

Target Language: Animal vocabulary, have/haven't got, I like, third person singular.
Description: Students practice using third person "s" and "like" when talking about pets and farm animals. They talk about their own pets and practice "have got" before they do a "find the dog" reading activity. The lesson finishes with a speaking practice of "like" and "have got".
Duration: 45 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: YL4
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A Piece Of Cake

Target Language: Food vocabulary, I like/don't like.
Description: Children have strong emotions about food (yuk!!) and this lesson uses those emotions to practice like/don't like as well as teaching/revising some food vocabulary. The lesson finishes with a guided writing practice where students use prepositions of place among other things.
Duration: 45 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: YL5
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My Body

Target Language: Body vocabulary, sense verbs (smell, see, etc), have/has got.
Description: The lesson begins with a literal warm up - something physical to get your students moving and also teaching them some great body vocabulary. The rest of the lesson gets students learning verbs of the senses and there's a great physical joke for them to act out too. They may finish this lesson out of breath!
Duration: 45 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: YL6
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My Family

Target Language: Family vocabulary, possessive adjectives, present continuous.
Description: Students put labels on a family tree diagram and learn words for relatives. A drawing activity helps them with possessive adjectives and at the end, they speak about what different members of their family are doing now.
Duration: 45 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: YL7

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