Beginner Vocabulary Lesson Plans

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And This Is My Father

Target Language: Family relationships vocabulary, soft & hard 'c' sounds: /k/ & /s/.
Description: The focus of this lesson is the vocabulary of family relationships: brother, uncle, niece, etc. After an opener based on famous people's lesser-known relatives, the students learn familial vocabulary, then do some work on /k/ and /s/ phonemes. The lesson closes with a fast-paced speaking game based on the students' families.
Duration: 50 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 0V1
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The Colorful Kitchen

Target Language: Verb "to be", question forms, colors/food vocabulary.
Description: The lesson opens with a word unscrambling exercise to practice rooms/furniture combinations. The focus of the lesson moves onto colors and there is a semantic grid exercise to work on vocabulary. The lesson finishes with an enjoyable quiz game based around colors.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 0V4
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Platform Four For Chicago

Target Language: Present Simple for routine actions, telling the time, numbers.
Description: The theme of the lesson is transportation and especially Chicago train station. Students will practice telling the time and using the Present Simple to talk about routine events. There is a jigsaw speaking activity to finish with that gives practice of telling the time.
Duration: 50 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 0V5

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