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We have offered the Premium eBook since 2007. We received many requests to make all the esl-lounge Premium materials available together in once place. And that's what the eBook is: every single Premium lesson plan, all together!

This is now one of our best sellers! Here is what one satisfied member said about our eBook:

Spent the afternoon looking through this goldmine. It's worth ten textbooks, maybe twenty. There are five years of teaching in these pages and all for seventy bucks. Thank you, Neil. I won't forget this.
Nancy Coogan, teaching in Paris, 2009

The Premium eBook is an enormous 1000 pages plus of quality ESL lesson plans, the same quality as you'll find in our sample lessons.

The eBook is ONLY available to Lifetime Members, for the low price of $49. That works at out at less than 5 cents a page.

The eBook is divided into 7 main sections:

A comprehensive table of contents at the beginning will help you find what you want quickly and efficiently.

Materials included: Grammar, Reading, Listening, Vocabulary, Speaking, Topics, Writing

Publication Dates

The Premium eBook is updated regularly to present our users with as recent a collection of materials as possible. However, not all new lessons are added immediately and a standard account is the best option if you want the most up-to-date materials.

Latest edition: early 2023.

Important: Terms & Conditions

  1. We cannot offer new downloads to those who have already purchased the eBook previously, please ensure you back up a copy somewhere.
  2. As with print books, a member who purchases the eBook does not gain the right to free future editions of it.

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