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Fruit and Vegetables

Target Language: Fruit and Vegetable vocabulary, speaking.
Description: Fill in the crossword using the pictures of fruit and vegetables as clues. Then students have a chance to speak about what fruit and vegetables they eat.
Duration: 35 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 1V1
Tags: Nouns
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My Sister Sue

Target Language: Personal description vocabulary, vocabulary records.
Description: Descriptive vocabulary for describing hair, eyes, clothes, personality, etc. A brief reminder about good vocabulary keeping methods before students work on common errors and finally describe family members to their classmates.
Duration: 50 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 1V2
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What's On The Menu Today?

Target Language: Food/menu vocabulary, past simple.
Description: Early part of the lesson focuses on food and menu vocabulary. A reading and a (tough!) logic puzzle to finish with. Grammar Focus: past simple tense.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 1V3
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Sport and Free Time

Target Language: Play/Go/Do vocabulary.
Description: Sports and leisure activity vocabulary. Includes an information-gap speaking activity.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 1V4
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Target Language: Like as a preposition and a verb.
Description: Using words to describe people's character and physical appearance.
Duration: 55 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 1V5
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What Do You Get For Christmas?

Target Language: Different uses of the verb 'get'.
Description: A reading introduces a typical English family and their typical Christmas, with a vocabulary focus on the different uses of the verb 'get'. A couple of speaking activities give your students ample opportunity to practice and the lesson finishes with a memory game.
Duration: 70 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 1V6

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