Pre-Intermediate - flashcards and role cards

Restaurant Role Cards
Waiter, Customer and Manager role cards to help students with functional and situational language required in a restaurant.

Restaurant Menu
Menu that can go with the previous activity or for general use. Some nice fancy restaurant vocabulary practiced too!

My Preferences Flashcards
Practice of comparatives. Students take turns to choose cards and say which of the two objects written they prefer and why.

Question Tag Flashcards
Flashcards with prompts from which students must ask each questions using question tags.

'Have You Ever..?' large prompt cards
These can be used by the teacher in a whole-class activity to practice the use of the present perfect to talk about indefinite time and experiences.

'Have You Ever..?' prompt cards
As above only a lot smaller and to be used in pair or group work by students. Also, there are a lot more than in the above page.

'How Long Have You...?' large prompt cards
Can be used by teacher in whole class presentation of present perfect used for unfinished time.

Things in General
An activity to practice non-use of articles when talking about things in general. Teacher uses flashcards to elicit sentences from students such as "cows eat grass".

Advice Flashcards
To practice "should" and other expressions of advice. Students ask their colleagues for advice for problems they have.

The Dangling Modifier

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Polite Requests Flashcards
Students move around classroom making polite requests of the other students, using expressions such as 'would you mind' and 'could you'. Premium

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