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Advice Mingle Activity
Students move around the class asking their classmates for advice on some problems they have. To practice "should" and "shouldn't".

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Predictions Survey
Students ask each other to predict certain events in their lives such as having children and getting married. To practice "going to" - better for a youngish class for obvious reasons.

Dallas, Sydney, Manchester
To practice weather vocabulary as well as the use of 'like' to ask general information. This is an empty master copy from which you can make two versions, each with half the information to create an information gap.

Plans and Problems
To practice 'will' and 'going to' for decisions about the future. Students circulate around the class telling the other students what their intentions are for the future. But their class colleagues have a few surprises for them..!

Handsome Rick
General information gap consisting mostly of level one tenses such as present simple and continuous and past simple.

Susan's Diary
Practice of future tenses. Can be used as a teacher-centred or open group/pairwork activity.

Alibi Information Gap
Can be used to practice past simple and past continuous. Students work in pairs to reconstruct an alibi given by a suspect by asking questions to complete their versions.

Something You Do Carefully
Students ask around the class to see what activities people do slowly, carefully, well, badly, etc. Gives practice at adverbs.

Zero Conditional Survey
This group/pairwork activity doesn't concentrate too much on the form of the zero conditional but gets students to ask questions to each other while using the structure.

Finding a Hotel
The class is divided into two groups - one group of hotel receptionists and one of tourist looking for a room for the night. Each tourist must find the cheapest hotel possible taking into account their individual preferences. Premium

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