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Haybridge Hall

Target Language: Financial/economic vocabulary, country houses and tourism guides.
Description: The core of the lesson is a recording of an automated "tourist guide" giving information about a country house. Some vocabulary work on financial and economic words. Board game to finish with.
Duration: 55 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 3L3
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Tags: History | Money


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One Small Step For Man

Target Language: Space exploration, science/technology vocabulary, holding a debate.
Description: Students discuss which has been mankind's greatest achievement. There is a high level reading about our future in space exploration. To finish off the lesson, the speaking activity takes the form of a debate about whether space exploration is a waste of money or not.
Duration: 65 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 4T3


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Setting Up

Target Language: Should(n't) have done \ 3rd conditional.
Description: Looking at the early ups and downs of a new business to give students practice at past modal verbs and the third conditional. A role play at the end gives students good speaking opportunity.
Duration: 70 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: B3G1
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Late Payments

Target Language: Writing emails requesting late payment.
Description: A writing lesson which will help your students choose the correct structures/tone when writing business letters, in particular relating to late payments or other similar letters.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: B3W1
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Describing Trends

Target Language: Describing graphs, trends.
Description: Business students will often find themselves in difficulty having to express or understand ideas of rising, falling or steady trends and writing reports in English based on graphical data. This lesson plan will help them in this area.
Duration: 75 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: B3V1
Tags: Money

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