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Murphy's Law

Target Language: First conditional, reading comprehension.
Description: Talking about the little mishaps of life and learning about the origin of Murphy's Law and how we apply it to our lives today. Grammar focus: First Conditional.
Duration: 45 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 1G5


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Images From The Past

Target Language: Describing old photos, talking about family history.
Description: The lesson begins by getting students talking about the elder relatives in their families. The listening involves people talking about vintage photos, with listening comprehension exercises that focus on both detail and gist. The lesson finishes with an open speaking activity.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 2L14
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Haybridge Hall

Target Language: Financial/economic vocabulary, country houses and tourism guides.
Description: The core of the lesson is a recording of an automated "tourist guide" giving information about a country house. Some vocabulary work on financial and economic words. Board game to finish with.
Duration: 55 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 3L3
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Tags: History | Money
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All About Vanuatu

Target Language: Giving & understanding statistical data. History of a country, statistics, fact, etc.
Description: Some work on the phrases used when giving statistics & dates is followed by a listening in which someone talks about the island nation of Vanuatu. This is a good listening lesson for doing work with students on listening for specific information.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 3L12
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The Mazes of England

Target Language: Tourist attractions: reading, writing.
Description: Students discuss tourist attractions in their hometowns, then read an article about mazes as tourist attractions in Britain. Lesson finished with a postcard writing based on an imagined visit.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 4R2
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The Locket

Story Involves: History, revenge, crime.
Plot: A young boy's family starts a new life in the west of the USA in the 19th century, a dream that turns into a nightmare as the father is shot in a bar. Decades later, his son finds himself in a gold rush town and is sure the locket he sees around the neck of an old man used to belong to his father, stolen the night he was slain.
Duration: 80 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 4R8
Tags: History
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The Conference

Story Involves: Time travel, science fiction, Second World War.
Plot: Two CIA operatives travel back in time to facilitate the assassination of Hitler and change modern history forever. They just need to ensure a bomb goes off and the German leader is killed. What could possibly go wrong?
Duration: 85 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 4R11

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