Listening Lesson Plans: Intermediate

Here, organised according to level, you will find all the listening resources on esl-lounge Premium.

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You've Changed!

Description: Two friends meet after many years.
Language: Present Perfect to talk about changes.
Dialect: North American & British English | Length: 2m 47s | Code: 3L1
Accompanying Worksheet: You've Changed!
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Sports Round Up

Description: Bulletin of sports news.
Language: Vocabulary of sports - tennis, golf, motor racing, baseball, etc.
Dialect: British English | Length: 3m 09s | Code: 3L2
Accompanying Worksheet: Sports Round Up
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Haybridge Hall

Description: Listen to this tourist guide as you walk through an old country house.
Language: History of a building, past simple, past simple passive.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 3m 39s | Code: 3L3
Accompanying Worksheet: Haybridge Hall
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Online Trouble

Description: A website customer calls online support to report a problem with the website.
Language: Problems with ordering online, internet vocabulary.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 3m 19s | Code: 3L4
Accompanying Worksheet: Online Trouble
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Parent / Teacher Meeting

Description: Dialogue between male teacher and mother of student.
Language: Question tags.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 3m 22s | Code: 3L5
Accompanying Worksheet: Parent / Teacher Meeting
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The Answering Machine Complaint

Description: Message left on answering machine by dissatisfied customer.
Language: Complaints, personal details.
Dialect: British English | Length: 3m 11s | Code: 3L6
Accompanying Worksheet: The Answering Machine Complaint
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Love Is In The Air

Description: Interview with a woman who describes her love story.
Language: Subject/object questions, past simple describing narrative.
Dialect: British English & International English | Length: 3m 26s | Code: 3L7
Accompanying Worksheet: Love Is In The Air
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Here Is The News

Description: Brief bulletin of world news on the radio.
Language: Use of present perfect to describe recent events.
Dialect: British English | Length: 3m 17s | Code: 3L8
Accompanying Worksheet: Here Is The News
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The Room Mates

Description: Two friends discuss some problems they have living together in the apartment.
Language: Use of should/shouldn't to express obligation politely.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 2m 31s | Code: 3L9
Accompanying Worksheet: The Room Mates
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Democracy In Action

Description: Conversation between politician and voter.
Language: Politics vocabulary, going to for future intentions.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 2m 24s | Code: 3L10
Accompanying Worksheet: Democracy In Action
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Description: Series of short conversations in unclear situations.
Language: Mix of past, present and future tenses among the mini-dialogues. Subjects of conversations never made explicit.
Dialect: North American & British English | Length: 2m 55s | Code: 3L11
Accompanying Worksheet: Eavesdropping
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All About Vanuatu

Description: Single-speaker presentation of facts and figures about Vanuatu, island nation in the Pacific.
Language: Dense load of statistical data: numbers, dates, etc. Good for practice of listening for specific information.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 4m 41s | Code: 3L12
Accompanying Worksheet: All About Vanuatu
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The Home Fort

Description: Radio interview discussing home security and how to make your home less attractive to thieves.
Language: Modal verbs and phrasal verbs.
Dialect: British English | Length: 3m 59s | Code: 3L14
Accompanying Worksheet: The Home Fort
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Far From The Office

Description: Three people talk about jobs which are considered unusual.
Language: Daily routines, jobs & work.
Dialect: British & Australian English | Length: 4m 10s | Code: 3L19
Accompanying Worksheet: Far From The Office

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