Grammar Exercise: Present Simple and Continuous for Future


For each sentence, choose between the present simple and the present continuous. Both can be used to refer to the future.

Only use contractions for negatives - e.g. isn't/aren't

1. This is a terrible film Tony! When (finish)?

2. She (not see) Tim tonight or ever again. They broke up last week.

3. The library (close) in five minutes and I have four books to return before they fine me!!

4. After this lesson, I (see) a friend at McDonald's for a burger and a chat.

5. (use) your motorbike tonight? I want to borrow it.

6. I'm going to be late! What time (this train/arrive) in Chicago?

7. We are all very excited about going away tomorrow. The taxi (arrive) at 7am to take us to the airport.

8. And the plane (leave) at 10am.

9. I can't see you tonight Jan. I (go) to the theatre with Mike.

10. And the play (finish) very late. Sorry!

11. Go to the supermarket and buy that special shampoo for the dog. I (give) him a bath tonight.

12. I want to go and see a Rembrandt exhibition at the National and Portrait Gallery. It (start) tomorrow morning.

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