Grammar Exercise: "Was Going To" For Past Intentions


Put the two halves of the sentence together by joining the numbers and the letters. Simply write the letter that goes with each number and press 'Mark Answers'.

1. I was going to sell my car a) but then I remembered he speaks English well.
2. I was going to ring you yesterday evening b) but I lost my bank card.
3. I was going to withdraw some money c) but no-one wanted to buy it.
4. I was going to quit my job d) but then I realised it was too difficult.
5. I was going to buy a new hi-tech watch e) but then there was a strike.
6. I was going to visit my aunt in New Zealand f) but then she decided to move to Britain.
7. I was going to take a bus to work for a change g) but then I saw the price of it!!
8. I was going to watch the late movie last night h) but I didn't have any coins.
9. I was going to learn to play piano last year i) but then I heard about the coming recession!
10. I was going to speak to Angelo in Italian j) but then I fell asleep on the sofa.

1. Number 1 goes with letter     

2. Number 2 goes with letter     

3. Number 3 goes with letter     

4. Number 4 goes with letter     

5. Number 5 goes with letter     

6. Number 6 goes with letter     

7. Number 7 goes with letter     

8. Number 8 goes with letter     

9. Number 9 goes with letter     

10. Number 10 goes with letter    

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