Grammar Exercise: "Needn't Have" or "Didn't Need To" Worksheet


For each sentence, choose either "Needn't Have" or "Didn't Need To" to fill the spaces.


Needn't Have - You didn't know something was unnecessary but you did it.

Didn't Need To - You knew something was unnecessary and you either did it or not.

1. I (go) to work today but I went as I knew they were really busy on this new contract.

2. I (take) any money to the museum - I didn't realise it was free to enter.

3. Sheila (got) a taxi to the party. I would have given her a lift in my car.

4. Oh Mike, you (buy) me anything for my birthday! A simple card would have been perfectly acceptable.

5. Today was the last day of school and we (attend) classes in the afternoon.

6. We went for a lovely walk in the woods yesterday. We took a huge picnic with us but there was a café there anyway. We (take) anything!

7. Our boss told us we had an extra three days to finish the project so we (work) so hard.

8. You (say) anything to Carla about the broken vase. She understood what had happened anyway.

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