Listening Lesson Plans: Business English

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Mid Level

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Urgent Mails

Description: Dialogue between female boss and male employee.
Language: Boss gives instructions concerning e-mails that need to be sent.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 3m 16s | Code: B2L1
Accompanying Worksheet: Urgent Mails
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Tools & Gadgets

Description: People describe different gadgets and devices used in an office.
Language: Functional language to describe what an object is used for, made of, etc.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 2m 45s | Code: B2L3
Accompanying Worksheet: Tools & Gadgets

High Level

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Office Life

Description: Short office-based dialogues.
Language: Idioms and expressions from a business environment are used in several short dialogues between work colleagues.
Dialect: North American & British English | Length: 2m 44s | Code: B2L3
Accompanying Worksheet: Office Life
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Vacation Trends

Description: Discussion in publishing company about future strategy.
Language: Giving results of a survey, describing trends, changes, etc.
Dialect: North American English | Length: 6m 16s | Code: B2L3
Accompanying Worksheet: Vacation Trends

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