Intermediate - reading and writing


Students' Reading Review
Great help to encourage students to read more and to learn more from what they read. More than a vehicle for a student book review, this page also helps them to think independently about what they read and what they can learn from the experience. It is a good idea for the class or school to build up a catalogue of these reviews for other students to read and use as recommendations for their own reading choices.

Nonsense Words: For reading comprehension and meaning from context
Answer Sheet
Students read short passages/sentences and try to guess the meaning of nonsensical words from the context of where they appear.

Abraham Lincoln Reading
Student read about Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln: True/False Questions
Answer Sheet
A true/false reading comprehension worksheet based on the Abraham Lincoln reading.

The Dangers of Radiation
Answer Sheet
A reading about the dangers of radiation, followed by a sentence gap fill reading comprehension exercise.

The Statue of Liberty
Answer Sheet
A reading about the Statue of Liberty, followed by a sentence gap fill reading comprehension exercise.

Reading Newspapers - Different Text Types
Answer Sheet
Student read different extracts from a newspaper and identify the text type using vocabulary and structure clues.

Hotel Of The Famous
Intermediate level reading about an unusual hotel.

Hotel Of The Famous: True/False Questions
Answer Sheet
True/False questions for "The Hotel Of The Famous" reading comprehension.


Example Composition: Learning English in Italy
Can be used as a model composition, a reading comprehension or as a prompter to a general discussion about learning English in an English-speaking country or not.

Example Intermediate composition
Example composition for this level that can also be used as a reading comprehension. Premium

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