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The Statue of Liberty


Seven parts of sentences have been removed from this article about the Statue of Liberty. For each space in the text, write the letter of the extract that should go there. There is one extra removed part that does not belong in the text.

Here are the removed parts:

  1. United States to mark the
  2. is on a rectangular
  3. passengers heading for the
  4. New York as the site of the
  5. framework of steel
  6. the best location
  7. but with the pedestal
  8. struck by the magnificent

Finally, on August 5th, 1884, workers began building the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal, or foundation, on a small island in New York Harbor.

The statue is made of a covering of pure copper, put on a __E__(1) (originally puddled iron) with the exception of the flame of the torch, which is coated in gold leaf (originally made of copper and later altered to hold glass panes). It __B__(2) stonework pedestal with a foundation in the shape of an irregular eleven-pointed star. The statue is 151 ft (46 m) tall, __G__(3) and foundation, it is 305 ft (93 m) tall.

She was a gift from the people of France to the __A__(4) 100th anniversary of America’s independence from Great Britain. She was sculpted by Frederic Bartholdi. Barry Moreno wrote The Statue of Liberty Encyclopedia. He says Frederic Bartholdi chose the place where the statue was placed. “And while entering the harbor by ship he saw a small island called Bedloe’s Island. And he saw Manhattan, and he was __H__(5) vista, and he was aware that New York was the pre-eminent harbor. So he selected __D__(6) Statue of Liberty for that reason. He realized his statue would have a greater impact in the busiest harbor.”

It took more than two years to complete the pedestal and statue on the island. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated by President Grover Cleveland on October 28th, 1886. Millions of __C__(7) immigration station on Ellis Island -- near Bedloe’s Island -- came to see the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of their new lives in America. Premium

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