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Example Level 3 Composition


Write about an interesting person you have met. Where? When? Describe the situation and the person.

In 1995, I went on a business trip to Cairo for my company. I had to help translate from Italian to English as all the meetings were in English and nobody in my company can speak English very well except me.

When I arrived, I met for the first time an Egyptian man called Asbratti. His job was the same as mine and he had to translate from Arabic to English. I think this person is one of the most interesting people I have ever met.

He was quite old for his job, about 60 or 62. But he had done everything in his life and in the ten days I was there, he told me many different stories about all the places he had visited and all the different people he had met.

He was an enormous man. He wasn't very tall but very fat and he had a happy face and a huge white beard. This was a little strange because his hair was still black.

When I left Cairo, we gave each other our addresses and we still write to each other in English once every two or three months. Premium

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