Intermediate Level >> Reading And Writing Materials >> Great help to encourage students to read more and to learn more from what they read. More than a vehicle for a student book review, this page also helps them to think independently about what they read and what they can learn from the experience. It is a good idea for the class or school to build up a catalogue of these reviews for other students to read and use as recommendations for their own reading choices.

Reading: Book Review.


Name of Student ________________.       Date ________________.

This is a review of the book _________________________________.

Type of book: ________________

How long did it take you to read this book?: ________________

What is the story of the book?:

Did you find this book interesting or not?:

Do you think you learned a lot of English using this book?

Are there any new words or expressions you learned that you can remember now?:

Circle one of the following:

I wouldn't recommend it | This book was OK | It was a good book | This book is fantastic! Premium

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