Intermediate Level >> Reading And Writing Materials >> Students read short passages/sentences and try to guess the meaning of nonsensical words from the context of where they appear.

Understanding Words From Context


For each sentence, try and calculate whether the unknown word is

Then, choose the best alternative word.

"Have you been here all day," she asked, obviously not very happy. "Don't start again" he gurbudled. He stayed motionless on the sofa so she walked on into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

Language Part: ______

Yelled - screamed - whispered - complained.

They walked out onto the beach for the first time since they had been snowled. There didn't seem to be anyone here at all. They both looked towards the horizon at the same time in the desperate hope of seeing something, anything.

Language Part: ______

Found - crashed - lost - shipwrecked.

It was only minus 28 degrees Celsius when we landed in Irkutsk. But that was cold enough to make scogloning an effort - the air felt like ice as it scraped the back of my throat. Five minutes later, I needed a second pair of gloves and pulled my scarf tight over my nose and mouth. I was obviously a beginner at this.

Language Part: _____

Walking - breathing - talking - eating.

In the baby food aisle at the Dominick's supermarket in Elmhurst, small signs offer a(n) frellation: Due to high theft, all powder formula is located in the pharmacy. When the pharmacy is closed, please ask at the service desk."

Language Part: _______

Excuse - reason - apology - warning.

So many deaths are caused by automobiles, but no one blames the automobile itself. Should we ban automobiles, juttlings, planes, etc.? Why blame a firearm used illegally? The person using the gun should be held fully accountable for their actions no matter what age, sex, ethnic background, etc..

Language Part: _______

Guns - drugs - trains - knives.

Three-year-old Teddy Lasry was napping yesterday in his cowboy outfit yesterday at his family's Fifth Ave. apartment when he shot up in bed screaming. A 3-foot-long black-and-white snake was coiled around his left arm and had pooltly bitten his pinky..

Language Part: ________

Only - already - even - just.

China is redoubling controversial efforts to control its population by limiting couples to one child.

The one-child policy was introduced to ensure that China, which has brewtartily been prone to floods and famine, could feed all its people.

Language Part: _________

Sometimes - historically - never - horribly. Premium

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