Intermediate Level >> Reading And Writing Materials >> Student read different extracts from a newspaper and identify the text type using vocabulary and structure clues.

Reading Newspapers - Different Text Types


Look at the following newspaper extracts. What part of the newspaper do they come from?

horoscope section
TV listings
financial pages
weather forecast
book reviews
political news

1. After a great debut novel, this is rather disappointing from Hank Jones. The characters are exciting, but the plot is not believable. Two stars.

2. When an important witness is murdered, detective Lee Conroy and his canine partner are on the case. Exciting gun fights and car chases are guaranteed.

3. This week will be better than last week. If a friend offers you any advice, follow it! Be careful with your money this week.

4. The congressman said he didn't agree with the President's policy on the economy. "We need to create more jobs," he said.

5. Type of wild dog from Australia, 5 letters.

6. IBM was down nearly 5% because of disappointing results for the first quarter.

7. Our incredible discounts are only for this week! Hurry to your nearest store and get a great new air conditioner today!

8. Jensen scored with only 32 seconds left on the clock. The Titans are now top of the division after seven games.

9. Rain will clear the area by lunchtime and temperatures will rise, reaching a maximum of seventy five. Tonight will be cooler with more rain by the morning.

10. Experience in sales not important as full training given. Applicants will be expected to have good communication skills. Premium

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