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The Hotel Of The Famous


Read this short text about a hotel where "famous" people can stay. Answer the true/false questions.

The Hotel Of The Famous

What would your life be like if you were Albert Einstein. What clothes would be in your wardrobe if you were Marilyn Monroe? Or Madonna?

Well now you can discover the answer to all these questions and many more at the Fame Hotel in California. Ten miles outside Los Angeles, the Fame Hotel promises to answer the question "What if?". When you check into the hotel, you choose a room. Each room has a name. There's Clint Eastwood on the second floor and Elvis Presley on the third floor. In total, the Fame Hotel has 32 rooms, most of which are named after stars of Hollywood or music. But there are also famous writers (Mark Twain and Agatha Christie) and even some scientists and sports stars, such as Mike Tyson.

When you enter the room, you enter the life of that person. There are pictures everywhere. The owner of the hotel has tried to fill the room with objects, clothes, even food that he thinks the stars would have liked. Marilyn Monroe's wardrobe is full of beautiful white dresses, Albert Einstein doesn't have any socks in his wardrobe because the real Einstein never wore them! If you choose Mike Tyson's room, you'll be able to practice boxing in one corner of the room. And there's even a skipping rope too!

I spoke to one guest staying in the Elvis Presley room. "I love this hotel," he said to me. "I wanted to know 'What would Elvis Presley eat for breakfast?' and now I know". That guest eats pancakes and strawberry ice cream every morning, just as Elvis liked to do. On the next table, the Einstein room's guest is eating cabbage soup!

The company plans to open another Fame Hotel in New York next year and there are plans to expand into Europe too. I look forward to staying in the Winston Churchill suite in London! Premium

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