Grammar Exercise: Article Gap Fill


For each space, decide if you need to write in an article or not. Use "the", "a" or "an". If you decide no article is needed, just put a 'X' in the space.

1. lions are dangerous animals for people.

2. They said on the radio this morning that lions at the zoo have all got flu!

3. I went to Paris last year and we visited the Eiffel Tower.

4. And we also saw Louvre Art Gallery.

5. You should go to bed if you feel sick.

6. The Mississippi is one of biggest rivers in the world.

7. music always helps me to relax when I am studying.

8. I hated music they were playing last night at the party.

9. Let's go to the shops. We only have few eggs!

10. pollution is a big threat to the world.

11. I am often ill because of pollution in this city.

12. United States is the fourth biggest country in the world.

13. There was a fire at Regency Hotel last night.

14. I'm teacher. I teach children in a large, private school.

15. I had breakfast in a cafe today.

16. My house is very close to River Thames in London.

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