Grammar Exercise: So Rich, Such Wealth!


Choose either "so" or "such" to fill each space in these sentences.

1. I was happy to see my aunt yesterday. I haven't seen her for nearly two years.

2. Greg plays tennis well! I played him today and lost 6-0, 6-1. It was embarrassing!

3. Greg is a good tennis player. He should try to turn professional.

4. Look at those people vandalising the flowers. people make me really angry.

5. It was cold yesterday that the TV was warning people not to go out unless it was really necessary!

6. It's a nice day today. Let's go for a picnic!

7. You haven't used that camera for long that the batteries are probably flat by now.

8. Look at your daughter dancing. It's great to watch. elegance!

9. Your grandmother is 98. I knew she wasn't young but I didn't know she was old!

10. Jenkins! behaviour from you once again and you will be back at this school until midnight! Do you understand?

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