Grammar Exercise: So & Because


Each sentence finishes with a phrase including either so or because. Put the correct number in the box.

1. because you have a terrible cough
2. because she loves eating chocolate.
3. so let's go and rent a DVD to watch.
4. because they had the three best players.
5. so let's listen to something else.
6. so let's go somewhere else.
7. so you will often see me wearing it.
8. so the leader has resigned.
9. because she was in such a rush.
10. so I had to go and tell the police.
11. so now we can't buy it.
12. because it was the only one with any rooms.
13. so I'm going to bed.
14. because Mary forgot to go shopping.
15. so I sometimes hit my head on low doors.
16. so I'm getting a jobs magazine this afternoon.

  1. I'm tired
  2. We lost the match
  3. The government lost the election
  4. My sister is a bit fat
  5. He lost the money
  6. That restaurant is very expensive
  7. You should stop smoking
  8. I didn't get that job I applied for
  9. There is nothing on television tonight
  10. We don't have anything to eat tonight
  11. My mother didn't have breakfast this morning
  12. I hate this type of music
  13. We stayed in a 5-star hotel
  14. I lost all my money on the metro
  15. My favourite colour is yellow
  16. I am 1m 80 tall

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