Grammar Exercise: Past Perfect Worksheet


Look at the list of events in each example. Then finish the single sentence to explain the situation. The first has been done as an example.

Example: John insulted Kathy at a party. John wrote to Kathy to apologise. Kathy refused to open the letter. Kathy refused to open John's letter because he had insulted her at a party.

1. Jane studied a lot. Jane had an important Biology exam. Jane passed the exam, getting 92%. Jane passed her Biology exam because .

2. Harry looked at the black clouds and took an umbrella. It started raining heavily. Harry stayed perfectly dry. Harry didn't get wet when it rained because with him.

3. I met a friend and we spoke for ten minutes. The train left at 9am. I arrived at the station at 9.05am. I missed the train yesterday because (meet).

4. Tim had a big black beard. He shaved it off two days ago. I met Tim today. I didn't recognise Tim at all this morning because off.

5. I went to see "Alien 9" at the cinema. I went to see "Alien 9" at the cinema again a month later. Graham asked me to go and see "Alien 9" at the cinema last night. I told Graham I didn't want to go to the cinema because film twice already.

6. We went on holiday to Kenya. The water pipes broke in our house. Water went all over the house. The kitchen was flooded when we returned from Nairobi because .

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