Grammar Exercise: Past Simple or 'Used To' Gap Fill


Use either "used to" or the Past Simple to complete each of the sentences. Use "used to" when possible.

  1. I (see) Marcus at the library working hard. He told me to say hello to you.
  2. She (be) a lot happier, but then she lost her job.
  3. There (be) three restaurants in this town, but two closed down leaving only one.
  4. If you look over there, you can see the field where they (fight) the Battle of Harris Hill in 1509.
  5. Did you (take) a lot of photos when you were in Moscow last year?
  6. How many hours a day did you (go) to school when you were ten?
  7. Children never (talk) so aggressively to their parents. It's terrible!
  8. Soldiers (build) this bridge near the end of the Second World War.

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