Grammar Exercise: First and Second Conditional Worksheet.


Fill each space with the correct form of the verbs to make either first or second conditionals.

Only use contractions for negative forms - e.g. don't/won't

1. If I get home late tonight, I (not eat).

2. If Jan could run 100 metres in 10 seconds, he (be) an athlete.

3. If Simon catches a fish today, we (eat) it.

4. She (buy) a Porsche if she won the lottery.

5. If it (rain) in the Sahara desert, everyone would be very surprised.

6. If it rains tonight, we (can/go) to the cinema.

7. If your dog spoke, you (can/sell) it to the circus.

8. If we play football on Saturday, I (be) tired on Sunday.

9. You (become) fat if you eat too much.

10. If I (be) you, I wouldn't accept that job. It sounds terrible!!

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