Grammar Exercise: First and Second Conditional Differences.


Look at the following sentences. Are they situations more natural in the first or second conditional?

I win the lottery is not a very realistic possibility (we would use the second conditional)
It is sunny tomorrow is a realistic possibility (we would use the first conditional)

In the boxes, write either "first" or "second".

1. It rains tonight    

2. I am the leader of my country.    

3. I see my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend in the street.    

4. I find a lot of money in the street.    

5. I am the President of the USA.    

6. A friend asks me to the cinema tonight.    

7. There is nothing to eat in the fridge when I arrive home this evening.    

8. A tiger walks into the room NOW!!!    

9. I feel very tired tonight.    

10. I have four hands.    

11. Our teacher falls asleep during the lesson.    

12. I can play the piano like a professional.    

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