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The Electric Page

Target Language: eBooks and eBook readers, technology vocabulary.
Description: The listening for this lesson is a conversation between two friends (one more cynical than the other!) about ebooks and the devices that you can read them on. At the end of the lesson, you will set up a traditional debate where the class is divided into two halves and each will argue for or against a chosen topic.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 4L14
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Target Language: Question formation, books and reading.
Description: This lesson gives some practice at formation of questions and gives students ample speaking practice and the opportunity to speak about their reading habits. The listening consists of a woman carrying out a survey about reading habits.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 1L5
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There Was Once

Target Language: Fairy tales, writing modern version of traditional stories.
Description: An initial reading task where students identify classic fairy tales is followed by several writing tasks that prepare students for the final assignment of rewriting a old-style fairy tale with a modern slant.
Duration: 50-70 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 2W2


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Read All About It

Target Language: Listening to conversation about local newspapers, why people buy local newspapers.
Description: The subject of this lesson is local newspapers. Students listen to two friends having a discussion about the merits of the local press. Students can then express their own opinions on the subject. Optional "editor" role play possible too.
Duration: 55 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 4L7
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A Writer Talks

Target Language: An author talks about her latest book.
Description: The lesson begins by asking students to think about the last book they read. In the listening, we hear an author talk about her writing process and her works. At the end of the lesson, students get a chance to write a short review of a book.
Duration: 95 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 4L10
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A Gripping Read

Target Language: Reading & book reviews. Vocabulary of reviews.
Description: The theme of today's lesson isn't so much reading, as book reviews, what importance your students give to book reviews, and the language of book reviews. The main listening content of the lesson are four reviews of novels and the final writing assignment is for your students to pen their own book reviews.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 4L15
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