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Young Learners

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I Don't Play The Piano

Target Language: Present Simple negative, musical instruments.
Description: Practice of forming negative sentences using the Present Simple followed by using this while speaking about musical instruments. A short reading and a transformation exercise is followed by a speaking activity where students create a chain sentence.
Duration: 45 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: YL12


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Yes We Can

Target Language: Can/Can't for ability, musical instrument vocabulary.
Description: Students learn the names of several music instruments and how they are played. A reading follows that looks at two musical sisters. After a reading comprehension exercise, the grammar focus is on "can/can't" for ability. A freer speaking exercise closes the lesson.
Duration: 75 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 1T2


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Our Readers Would Like To Know

Target Language: Role Play: interviewing a famous rock star.
Description: Students find out about the sometimes rocky past of a famous musician. The class is divided into journalists and musicians for the press conferences. The journalists work for different magazines and their readers are interested in very different things!
Duration: 55 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 2RP4


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Musical Notes

Target Language: Music vocabulary
Description: Lesson that works on music/music industry vocabulary and finished with a spot-the-lyric exercise.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 3V2


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Let's Give A Big Hand To...

Target Language: General vocabulary \ speaking about pop groups.
Description: Students read about the stellar rise and giddying fall of a manufactured pop group. Then they become the next group's management team and get the chance to prove they can do better.
Duration: 70 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 4R4

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