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Young Learners

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We're Going To Have Fun

Target Language: 'Going to' future, positive and negative forms. Vocabulary: simple collocations.
Description: The focus of this lesson is using 'going to' to talk about future plans and the lesson begins with a fun mime game using 'going to'. There is a simple collocation vocabulary exercise which focuses on free-time activities. The lesson finishes with an enjoyable speaking activity which gives practice at using the negative form.
Duration: 45 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: YL15
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What's Going To Happen?

Target Language: 'Going to' future, revision of Present Simple & Present Continuous. Vocabulary: motion verbs.
Description: The start of the lesson sees a focus on using the 'going to' future to make evidence-based predictions ("he's going to fall in the hole!"). After a vocabulary exercise that teaches motion verbs such as 'run', 'dive' and 'jump', students do some work combining the verbs with 'going to'.
Duration: 45 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: YL16


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Coming To Town

Target Language: Talking about future plans using "going to" and present continuous.
Description: Two friends have a conversation about a family member coming to visit. Students then look at the grammar of future plans and the lesson finishes with a speaking activity.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 1L7
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What Are You Doing On Friday?

Target Language: Present Continuous tense for making future arrangements.
Description: Lesson begins with some work on spelling with the present continuous tense. A reading leads onto a role play in which students use the present continuous to ask and talk about future plans.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 2G6
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I'm Going To Play Tennis

Target Language: Planned future: "going to" as opposed to "will".
Description: Speaking oriented lesson tackling the difference between going to and will future forms. First part of lesson sees some work on the difference between them but most of the lesson includes speaking activities based around going to.
Duration: 50 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 2S2


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Trains Across America

Target Language: Present Simple, Superlatives
Description: Revision of superlatives, reading a travel ad, travel vocabulary, use of Present Simple for future events.
Duration: 50 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 3G1
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Looking Forward

Target Language: Future tenses.
Description: After an exercise on time markers, we read about a company manager's plans for the coming month. A review of most of the future tenses in English is then followed by a Predictions speaking activity.
Duration: 70 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 3G6


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The New York Business Trip

Target Language: Future continuous to talk about arrangements.
Description: Cathy is going on a business trip and has a very hectic schedule! Students use the future continuous to talk about future arrangements and what they will be doing at a particular time in the future.
Duration: 60 minutes. Lesson Plan Code: 4G3

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