Intermediate - structure

Subject and Object Questions
Answer Sheet
Students have it drilled into them from the start of their English learning that they must use "do" and "does" and "did" to form their questions. Then they reach intermediate level and are boldly told that maybe this isn't exactly true! Here is a worksheet to soften the blow, lessen the shock somewhat! Included on this page is a quick review of the difference between the two types of question.

Passive Review: Present
Answer Sheet
Overview of the formation rules for the present simple passive.

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Passive Review: Past
Answer Sheet
Overview of the formation rules for past simple passive.

Second Conditional Review
Answer Sheet
Overview of Second Conditional formation and use rules with follow-up exercise.

First and Second Conditional Differences
Worksheet that can be used in a teacher-centred or pairwork activity to focus on the 'meaning' difference between these two conditionals. Premium

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