Intermediate Level >> Grammar Structure >> Overview of Second Conditional formation and use rules with follow-up exercise.

Second Conditional


Complete these second conditional sentences:

1. If I SPOKE (speak) Japanese, I WOULD LIVE (live) in Tokyo.

2. If James DIDN'T HAVE (not have) a cat, he WOULD BUY (buy) a dog.

3. I WOULD LIVE (live) in Monaco if I WERE RICH (be) rich.

4. If I SAW (see) a ghost, I WOULD SCREAM (scream)!

5. If we WERE (be) in London tonight, we COULD GO (can go) to the theatre.

6. If Simon DIDN'T SMOKE (not smoke), he WOULD BE (be) healthier.

7. If Rick MET (meet) Britney Spears, he WOULD KISS (kiss) her.

8. What WOULD YOU DO (do) if you FOUND (find) a wallet full of money? Premium

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