Intermediate Level >> Grammar Structure >> Students have it drilled into them from the start of their English learning that they must use "do" and "does" and "did" to form their questions. Then they reach intermediate level and are boldly told that maybe it isn't exactly true! Here is a worksheet to soften the blow, lessen the shock somewhat! Included on this page is a quick review of the difference between the two types of question.

Subject and Object Questions


Look at the following prompts and decide if the required question is a subject or object question.


a) I like some types of wine. --> What types of wine do you like?

Here the structure is "I like ?" which means the question is about the object and we must use "do" in some form.

b) One of the other students really likes me. --> Who likes you?

Here the structure is "? likes me" which means the question is about the subject and we don't use an auxiliary verb.

Now write questions using the following prompts. You should ask a question about the word in bold type:

1. I bought a newspaper this morning.

2. Something odd happened during the storm last night.

3. One of the students didn't do the final exam.

4. I wrote a romantic letter to one of the teachers.

5. Something disturbed me when I was working.

6. I dreamt about a strange animal last night.

7. Somebody rang me at 3am last week!

8. I saw an interesting documentary on Sunday.

9. Someone gave me a watch for my birthday.

10. I saw one of my old work colleagues at the theatre. Premium

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