Intermediate Level >> Grammar Structure >> Worksheet that can be used in a teacher-centred or pairwork activity to focus on the 'meaning' difference between these two conditionals.



Look at these possibilities. Would you say they were normal, possible events or very unlikely, in your dreams or even impossible?

It rains tonight   I win the national lottery
  There is nothing to eat in the fridge when I arrive home tonight  
Our teacher falls asleep in the class   A tiger walks into the class NOW!!!

I am the leader of my country  
A friend asks me to the cinema tonight   I am the President of the USA
  Our teacher gives us a lot of homework tonight  
I can play the piano very well   I have four hands

I feel very tired this evening  
I find a lot of money in the street   I am very rich
  I see my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend in the street Premium

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